Business Solutions


The people in each organisation are its most important asset; they are the driving force behind each business and for this reason their integrity and protection should be ensured. Having in mind the welfare of the people and their contemporary concerns, Prime Insurance has designed specialised and flexible Protection schemes that offer comprehensive insurance covers that include among others:

  • Life Insurance (Term or Retirement)
  • Accident and Incapacity Insurance
  • Accidental Death
  • Critical Illness
  • Compensatory covers for Income, as a result of Illness and/or accident
  • Partnership protection policy
  • Key person policy
  • Securing a proper level of industrial relations


A policy specially designed to offer a comprehensive insurance coverage to businesses. It includes coverages for fire, loss of profits, public liability, product liability, employer’s liability etc.


  • Professional Liability Insurance
    The Professional Liability Insurance plans provide cover to professionals with regards to their liability arising out of their professional activities.
  • Employer’s Liability Insurance
    ΤThe Employer’s Liability policy covers the legal liability of the Policyholder (natural or legal person) for bodily injuries, death or illness to employees according to the provisions of the existing Legislation and Regulations.
  • Public Liability Insurance
    The Public Liability policy provides insurance cover to the policyholder for bodily injuries, death, loss, damage or destruction to third party property arising in the premises, the working areas or in other premises depending on the cover provided.


  • Fire safety
  • Transport Security
  • D & O Management & Accountability Insurance
  • Travel insurance
  • Personal Accident Insurance
  • Safety of Yachts
  • All-Risk Contractors Insurance
  • Electronic Equipment Insurance
  • Immigrant Hospital Insurance
  • Cyber Risks
  • Insurance for Art, Fine Art & Species

The Group In-Patient and Out-Patient Health Plans are flexible and can be adjusted to the needs of each organisation or group.

They include:

  • Medical Expenses as a result of an Accident
  • Hospitalisation Allowance
  • In-Patient Insurance MediSyn – All medical expenses incurred as a result of illness or accident in a hospital or clinic in Cyprus or overseas for the insured’s and his dependents’ treatment are covered.
  • Out-Patient Insurance MediFirst – All Out-Patient medical expenses incurred as a result of illness or accident for the insured’s and his dependents’ treatment are covered.