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 “At Prime Insurance we choose associates who share our values and at the same time create their own future”...

The Insurance Intermediary’s profession is considered a social vocation since he is the professional who will make a reality the insurance concept by providing solutions to the long term insurance needs of the society.

The profession demands intense moral behaviour and honesty since the services rendered assist and protect society to attain both short and long term financial goals by providing the ideal solutions that he would have provided to himself.

Why should someone choose the Insurance Intermediary’s profession?

  • He defines his income on the basis of his skills and financial needs
  • He is a businessman and expects the corresponding profits without τthe equivalent risks
  • He can travel all over the world
  • He works certain hours every day at his own pace
  • He fixes his annual leave on the basis of his work’s development
  • He is constantly trained and his know-how is upgraded on an ongoing basis
  • He is making a fortune every year by using first year’s commissions and investing on renewal commissions
  • He works in beautiful and luxurious settings
  • He has access to the best pension and health covers
  • His income is protected even when he is not working
  • He is protected from unemployment and inflation.

The Insurance Intermediary of Prime Insurance:

  • Finds and approaches prospective customers from his family and social environment
  • He carries out a need analysis and proposes to the customer insurance or investment plans to cover his real insurance needs
  • He takes care of and assists personally to the conclusion of the insurance contract of his customers
  • He assists to the provision of insurance benefits
  • He continuously looks after his customers and monitors any possible changes that may arise in the customers’ insurance needs on the basis of their respective life circle
  • He is always by the side of his customers even under adverse circumstances such as hospitalisation, incapacity, death, etc.
  • He develops and maintains bonds of trust with the industry by advancing his professional know- how through education.

The Insurance Intermediary’s profession is unique inasmuch as he doesn’t have to invest in his business and he sets his own targets in accordance with his financial commitments.

Anyone deciding to associate with our Company as an Insurance Intermediary, shall be constantly professionally trained, assisted and advanced and will work in a professional environment distinct for team work and mutual understanding.  

The training program for every associate includes:

  • Preparation for securing a professional license from the supervisory authority
  • Constant training on sales, taxation, insurance law and insurance products of both the Life and General Business Classes.

Prime Insurance’s academy programs and develops training modules and contributes to the quality service of its customers. 

I f you wish to become a member of Prime Insurance’s Sles Force, please communicate with the Company’s Sales Manager Mr. Andreas Demetriou (Tel. 22896000) or forward your C.V. to andreas.demetriou@primeinsurance.eu All applications shall be treated confidentially.