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Cookies are small text files are stored by a website on an internet browser during our surfing and are thereafter recovered in order that the visitor is identified when revising the website.

However, cookies do not include any personal information that may allow anybody to communicate with the website’s visitor i.e. e-mail address etc.

Types of cookies

The Company may use the following types of cookies with a view to promoting better service to its website’s visitors, the customisation of information and preferences of the browser used from time to time.

A) Strictly Necessary cookies

These are the cookies that are essential for the operation of the website. Without them, the website cannot function properly. For this particular type of cookies, your specific consent is not required. For all other types of cookies, your consent is required.     

B) Functionality cookies

These are the cookies that improve the functioning of the website. By using these cookies, your surfing is adjusted to your interests and you save time by not having to import your details each time you visit our website.

C) Third party cookies

Our site does not use cookies of third parties. The collection of cookies is done and solely concerns the Company for the aforesaid purposes.

Google Analytics

The Company’s website uses Google Analytics “Remarketing and Advertising Features” through which we collect information. This information help us to optimise our website on the basis of the visitors’ preferences. The collected information is transmitted and stored in Google’s server in USA. For more information in connection with Google’s Privacy  Policy, please visit https://www.google.com/intl/en/policies/privacv/  and in particular the link 

In the event that you do not wish your particulars to be collected by Google Analytics, you can download and install on your browser the program Google Analytics Opt Out at the    following link:


Control of Cookies

You can control and/or delete cookies as you think fit. Furthermore, you can delete all the cookies already installed on your browser (or any other appliance you use for surfing on the internet) and to regulate most internet surfing programs (web browsers) in such a manner that cookies cannot be installed.

However, in such an event you may have to adjust certain preferences every time you visit a website. Also, by deleting cookies some services may no longer function.  
Acceptance for the Installation of Cookies

By surfing the website of Prime Insurance Co. Ltd., the visitor when first accessing our website is informed through a notice at the top of the page that he/she accepts and understands that the use of cookies is necessary for the website’s proper functioning.

If you choose to withhold your consent, you must terminate your surfing of our website or to disable the use of cookies on the web browser. In such an event, there may be a significant impact on the functioning of the website as well as the possibility of receiving information and/or services from Prime Insurance Co. Ltd. 

List of the cookies used





Prime Insurance


This is used to save the site ID and site language preferences for customers. This means you won’t have to reset your preferences every time you visit us.

1 Year
1 Year

Google Analytics


Google Analytics help us understand how our customers get to our website, the number of people that visit our site, and how they navigate their way around the site once they’re there. We can use this information to improve our visitors’ user experience.